What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

The NFL Sunday Ticket gives you front row seats to every out-of-market NFL football game during the season streaming live in your own living room in full HD. Sunday Ticket is available for DirecTV subscribers who pay for the NFL Sunday Ticket package or by downloading the app on your PS3 through the PlayStation Network.

NFL Sunday Ticket provides full access to each out-of-market game played Sundays, along with game stats that sports fans will appreciate through the Game Mix Channel and the Player Tracker feature. The live stream can be paused and rewound so you don't miss a play. The Sunday Ticket price includes access to DirecTV's Red Zone Channel. Red Zone Channel spotlights highlights from the games and scoring plays. Play Tracker is a great addition for fantasy football fans who can follow up to 18 of their players and team stats throughout the day and watch game highlights on demand.

Sunday Ticket allows you to watch up to eight games at one time on your screen, complete with game clocks and scores.

It's important to note that Sunday Ticket games are only available to watch streaming live, although you can pause and rewind, then fast forward to live TV.

NFL Sunday Ticket with DirecTV Subscription:

If you're a DirecTV subscriber who already has NFL Sunday Ticket Max, you can access Sunday Ticket on your PS3 at no additional cost. You simply download the Sunday Ticket PS3 (PlayStation) app from the PlayStation Network that can be found in the Media/Apps category at the PlayStation Store.

NFL Sunday Ticket Price without DirecTV:

Access for the entire NFL season with the NFL Sunday Ticket Max package costs $299.95, a $40 cost reduction from 2011 when Sunday Ticket was released. Sony PlayStation reports that there may be some price breaks for access during the season. Special mid-season prices were listed from $89 to $149.95.

The $299.95 Sunday Ticket price includes $100 worth of bundled extras, like SuperFan and To-Go on the Red Zone Channel, for existing DirecTV subscribers. Without the bundled extras, the Sunday Ticket price for current DirecTV subscribers is $199. When DirecTV released the Sunday Ticket in 2011, DirecTV subscribers were offered Sunday Ticket free for the first year. The NFL Sunday Ticket PS3 app has the same features as Sunday Ticket does on DirecTV itself.

Sunday Ticket is available for PS3, but is it available for gaming systems, like Xbox 360?

No. There are no Sunday Ticket Xbox, Roku or Apple TV offerings. Sunday Ticket is exclusively available for DirecTV subscribers and is available on PS3, although you don't need to be a DirecTV subscriber to watch it through your Sony PS3.

If you're a gamer and fantasy football fan, Sunday Ticket may be the best companion during the NFL season.