Theater-quality sound and picture.

Available in your home with HDTV.

Benefits of HDTV

The question of whether you should get high definition television (HDTV) is a hard one. To help you figure out what you should do, you need to first understand what HDTV is. With digital television, the information is transferred in "data bits." The amount of space required to transmit these "data bits" is much smaller than what is required for analog television. Not only is the picture and sound quality improved with digital TV, but due to the DTV's efficiency, digital television also frees up parts of the broadcast spectrum, allowing space in the spectrum for other uses.

Benefits of HDTV

HDTV is the next step up from digital television. Although HDTV uses about the same bandwidth as analog signals, HDTV transmits more than six times the information, leading to a huge improvement in sound and quality.

As you may know, you will need to purchase some equipment to be able to experience HDTV. Most importantly, you will need to buy HDTV-ready television, along with an HDTV converter box. Recently, prices have decreased for HDTV-ready TV sets, and most likely will continue to decrease. As for the second piece of equipment, your cable company can provide the HDTV converter box with your service. If you enjoy watching high quality TV programming, as well as watching your TV programs in widescreen format, then you would enjoy having HDTV in your home.