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  • Up to 250 channels, including local channels

  • Premium channels including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and more!s

  • Exclusive local sports and news, music, variety shows

Plus, you don't have to sign a long-term contract, purchase equipment or worry about early termination fees! And don't forget Comcast's superior 24/7 local customer service.

Comcast cable delivers the best in entertainment technology to California

  • ON DEMAND - You'll get access to movies, shows, sports, highlights, music, videos, kids programs and more—many of them free—all at the click of a button when you are ready to enjoy them.

  • HDTV - Get ready to enjoy the most advanced form of digital television available today! With pictures quality that's five times the resolution of a regular TV, you can even watch local HD channels without the hassle of an antenna.

  • Digital Video Recording (DVR) - Watch your favorite programs on your own time. Just schedule your favorite programs to record so you can watch them when you are ready. Plus, you can record, pause and rewind live TV.

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About Comcast

Founded in 1963 as a single-system cable operation, Comcast is currently the country´s largest provider of cable services and one of the world´s leading communications companies. Comcast has more than 23 million customers in 36 states, made up of 11 million Xfinity cable customers, 10 million high-speed Internet customers and 1.6 million Digital Voice® customers.