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With Insight cable service, you get a world of entertainment

  • Access to 200 digital channels, including local networks

  • On Demand TV

  • Family-Friendly Parental Controls

From basic cable packages to digital cable service, Insight has the right entertainment choices for your home. Choose basic Insight cable to enjoy clear reception of all your local broadcast channels, plus The Weather Channel, Home Shopping Network, C-Span and more. With Insight digital, you'll get even more channels, more control, and more cool features you won't find anywhere else.

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About Insight Cable

Insight Communications is the ninth largest cable operator in the United States, serving approximately 1.3 million customers, delivering state-of-the-art analog and digital cable, and high-speed Internet. Customer satisfaction is Insight's highest priority, and the company employs extensive, sophisticated research tools to understand what customers want and need. Customer care is locally based, providing the company with a strong competitive advantage, as Insight employees understand the character of the communities in which they work and serve.