Watch Television Your Way: Explore TiVo HD DVR from DirecTV

DirecTV and TiVo have partnered to deliver your favorite entertainment broadcast on DirecTV, combined with the capabilities of the TiVo HD DVR.

A TiVo HD DVR allows you to search for and record the television programs and movies that you want to watch. If you discover a new series you enjoy, simply use your TiVo to record each episode. If the time it airs changes, that isn't a problem. TiVo will find it and record it for you, even if the show is time-delayed or switches time slots.

The TiVo allows you to watch On Demand movies and programs through DirecTV and will record those programs for you in high-definition, or HD, if that program was produced in HD. The TiVo HD DVR also has parental controls that allow you to limit or restrict television shows or channels that you don't want your children to view.

Do you want to watch any television series, talk show or movie that features your favorite actor? No problem. TiVo allows you to create wish lists based on keywords, such as the name of an actor or director, or a category. The Wish List search feature will automatically search and record the shows and movies that fit those parameters.

A Swivel Search finds your favorite shows on DirecTV programming, including DirecTV On Demand, and will provide you with a wealth of related shows and programs that you might be interested in. You are able to inform your TiVo receiver of the types of programs you like or those you would rather not see, which enhances your DVR experience.

With TiVo, you can pause, rewind or fast forward through live television. If someone in your home accidentally deletes a show you recorded but hadn't yet watched, you can retrieve the program from your deleted items folder.

The box can record up to 100 hours of HDTV programming or 400 hours of standard definition television. It has two tuners so you can record two shows at once while still being able to watch a third recorded show.

A TiVo HD DVR receiver costs $199 and requires a monthly subscription service. New and existing DirecTV customers are often able to get discounts or special offers. The receiver requires a telephone line connection.

The TiVo is controlled by a standard peanut-shaped remote.

With its user-friendly interface and other features, a TiVo HD DVR from DirecTV might be a great option for everyone in the entire family to watch and record their favorite programs on DirecTV.