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Comcast DVR

Add Comcast's Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to your service for a whole new world of convenience. With Comcast's DVR, you can easily record your favorite shows without tapes, without a VCR, without troublesome timbers. Pause live TV so you can take a phone call, tuck the kids into bed, or grab some popcorn. Replay the stuff that you missed or the stuff that you want to see again and again.

Record a single episode or an entire season of your favorite shows with just a few easy clicks of your remote. Simple, on-screen prompts even let you automatically save or erase recorded shows after you view them.

Single Tuner DVR

With 80 GB of storage, you can record up to 40 hours of standard-definition programming or 10 hours of HD programming with a combo HD/DVR.

Dual Tuner DVR

Get 120 GB of storage for recording up to 60 hours of standard-definition programming or 15 hours of HD programming with a combo HD/DVR. Plus, the dual-tuner gives you the power to record one show while you're watching another or record two different shows at the same time.

DVR technology gives you the ultimate control over your TV experience. Spend a week using your DVR and you won't be able to remember life without it.

Most Popular Packages

XFINITY TV - Digital Starter
starting at $29.99/month
  • Over 80 Digital Channels
  • Thousands of On Demand Movies and Shows
  • 2 Year agreement required
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XFINITY HD Preferred Plus XF Triple Play
starting at $139.99/month
  • $150 Visa Gift card
  • $50 AMEX Gift card - WhiteFence Exclusive
  • Over 160 channels
  • Download Speeds Up to 20.0 Mbps
  • Unlimited Local Calling
  • Unlimited Long Distance
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