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About Consolidated Communications

If you want TV service from a provider that isn't going to suddenly raise your prices, Consolidated Communications has just the right cable TV plans for you. With a 12 month price guarantee, you can be sure that you will pay one price and one price only for a whole year, enjoying your favorite TV programming all the while.

Best Price Guarantee for Consolidated

Consolidated is part of the Best Price Guarantee program. Home TV and other services are guaranteed to be the lowest available price for your area of town. For further explanation go to our Best Price Guarantee page.

Most Popular Packages

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starting at $44.95/month
  • 122+ digital channels
  • Movies on demand
  • First receiver included
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TV and Internet Bundle
starting at $66.95/month
  • 3.0 Mbps down, 384 Kbps up
  • Free router
  • 10 e-mail accounts
  • 122+ digital channels
  • Movies on demand
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