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  • Up to 300 Digital Channels
  • Access to On Demand and Other Interactive Options
  • Packages Include a Digital Receiver

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About Everest

Who says that ordering TV service has to be complicated? Everest is ready to provide you cable TV without the hassle. For movie buffs, they have plans with the premium channels already built into the package, as well as basic digital cable with a variety of interesting channels. The best part of all, if you order right now, the first month is free!

Best Price Guarantee for Everest

Everest is part of the Best Price Guarantee program. Home TV and other services are guaranteed to be the lowest available price for your area of town. For further explanation go to our Best Price Guarantee page.

Most Popular Packages

Digital Cable Package
starting at $48.34/month
  • More than 40 digital channels
  • Includes 1 digital receiver
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