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About Insight

Insight is a popular TV service provider that has great options for homes with TVs in multiple rooms. With reasonably priced digital TV service that gives access to over 200 channels, they also offer the bonus of additional TV outlets for free with your plan. Check out Insight to get great value for your TV dollar.

Best Price Guarantee

Insight is part of the Best Price Guarantee program. Home TV and other services are guaranteed to be the lowest available price for your area of town. For further explanation go to our Best Price Guarantee page.

Most Popular Packages

Digital TV
starting at $45.00/month
  • Insight Digital 4.0 TV Service
  • Get Over 3,000 Programs a Month with OnDemand
  • Cable on All Additional TV Outlets is Free
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Digital TV/Telephone
starting at $70.00/month
  • Unlimited Local Calling
  • Unlimited Long Distance Calling
  • 12 Popular Calling Features
  • 150 Channels
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