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Want control over what you watch?

Watch what you want, when you want. Time Warner Cable Digital TV comes with the option of a built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Now you can record, pause and rewind live TV. So you never have to miss your favorite shows.

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Time Warner Cable DVR

  • Record your favorite shows - choose one episode or an entire season, record two shows at the same time, build a library of recorded shows - all without videotapes or a VCR.
  • Watch recorded shows whenever you want - you can even view one show while recording another.
  • Pause live TV - or fast-forward and rewind programming, so you can create your own instant replays.
  • Protect your family with Parental Controls - you decide and control what's being recorded.
  • Unlike satellite, there's no expensive equipment to buy - DVR is already built in when you choose the option of a Digital DVR-enabled set-top box.

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