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Looking for the best picture quality and sound for your entertainment?

Ready to take the next step in your television viewing experience? Time Warner Cable is the easiest solution for getting HDTV (high definition television).

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Time Warner Cable HDTV

You will be blown away by the theater-like picture quality and sound that only HDTV can offer. Watch your favorite shows, movies, sports and events with wider screen, life-like picture and crystal clear sound.

Benefits of HDTV

  • It's a theater-like experience - enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, sports and events as if you were watching them in a theater. See more of the TV picture with a wider viewing area and feel the depth and clarity of Dolby® Surround technology.
  • Get more primetime programming than satellite - see HDTV programs from local broadcast networks including ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. You can also get high definition movies, events and original programming from premium channels like HBO and Showtime.
  • No expensive equipment to buy - unlike satellite, you don't need an expensive receiver or dish. Just upgrade to a new Digital HD-enabled set-top box. There's no extra cost for Time Warner Cable Digital TV customers.
  • Everything you need is in Time Warner Cable's Digital HD set-top box.

Most Popular Packages

Digital TV
starting at $49.99/month